“Intelligence & automation”, Genma’s nature DNA
“Intelligence & automation”, Genma’s nature DNA
Automation and intelligence have long been a hot topic for all walks of life. In other words, since its inception, Genma has naturally carried Intelligence & automation " DNA. ""Genma" is a reproductive word derived from "Genius machine". It aims to provide intelligent equipment to help customers achieve efficient and stable material handling.

In recent years, with the trend of "intelligence & automation" intensifying, Genma has put "intelligence & automation" on the strategic position and used it as the mid- and long-term product development goal.

The implementation of this product development strategy can be seen in the development process of Genma's product line:

  • 2008, Rainbow create “Genma” brand
    2009-2010, the product line of 3 series built:
    1.Large gantry crane
    2.Portal crane
    3.Offshore crane

  • Figure 1: The first version product line
  • 2013, R&D boom year
    •R&D breakthrough of RDQ1 and RTG
    •Formally enter into MHC market

    2016, the "intelligence & automation" strategy was officially put on the strategic process as a medium-term and long-term product development strategy of Genma.

  • Figure 2: The first generation of Genma mobile harbor crane.
    Genma is the first Asian brand who provides MHC.
  • In 2018, Genma launched the second generation of Genma GHC series mobile harbor crane.
    "intelligence & automation" has unlimited imagination. The most fundamental point is to focus on the needs of customers. At this stage, the essence of "intelligence & automation" of Genma is to improve the performance and efficiency of products to the international advanced level. And at the same time, to enhance the stability of product performance. In the process of realizing this process, based on market feedback, the functions of the products have been constantly revised and adjusted.
    Genma's “Intelligence & Automation”, to be continued. It is also like Genma’s commitment to its customers, “Our specialty, Your strength.

  • Figure 3: The second generation of Genma mobile harbor crane, more efficent and more intelligent.
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